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SparkUgrowth LLC believes that leadership Is the willingness, to embrace our individual and collective beliefs, authentically to build the future we seek to live in generations after us. 

Our ideal world can only be created or not created to the extent that our purpose, passions, professions, and vocations are simultaneously brought into play and not asked to choose either or. 

This will require empowered leaders with no titles—capable of putting our ego’s away and creating from the soul, collaborating with others, thriving, and living authentically.

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Join Our community

Join the SparkUgrowth Community and share your journey/ interact with like minded people/ grow your network whatever you wanna be you can be From monthly master classes to


Unlock your true potential through a seven-step process called Prowess. We will walk you through the process that you will be able to come out a different person. Check out the video and lets it start person with this tested and proved to work process

Health and Wellness

Work on your self harder then you work on your day job. You deserve to live the life that you desire. Do you know your magic number if the answer is No the time is now to start building passive income and build your way to being a millionaire.

Tell Your Story

Have you got a story to tell, we have the platform for you. You will never know how what is your story turns into someone else’s strength.

Social Interaction

You’re most likely to excel, depending on who is in your circle. Meet others Like you include women that have broken the glass ceilings and sealed their seats on the table. Improve your worth and tap into others greatness

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